The development course

Initial stage: 2002-2008

In 2002, the brand was officially born

In December 2002, zhejiang jianhong chain transmission material co., LTD. Was introduced into zhongguan industrial zone by the people's government of zhongguan town from suichang

In 2003, the company started production, with more than 40 employees, 7,000 tons output and more than 30 million output value

In March 2004, the trade union of zhejiang jianhong chain transmission material co., LTD was established

In March 2007, the party branch of zhejiang jianhong chain transmission material co., LTD was established

Growth period: 2009-2013

In 2009, technological innovations and equipment upgrades

After the financial crisis in 2008, the company began to transform and upgrade in 2009, carrying out technological innovation in an all-round way, expanding its factory buildings, and employing 200 people with a capacity of 28,000 tons and an output value of 120 million

In November 2011, the new office building was completed and moved from the original old factory to the new factory

From April to August 2013, all the dormitories were equipped with air conditioners to improve the living and welfare of employees. 5# new plant completed, started automatic transformation, the surface treatment phosphating automatic production line was completed and implemented, the machine was replaced, the output of the sleeve material was greatly improved, and the quality and the country

In line with international standards, exports have increased

Development period: 2014 Up to now

In 2014, the company established a global chain material r&d and production base

Equipment transformation and upgrading, production and quality have been greatly improved. Build a macro & throughout; Brand, 160 employees, production capacity of 48,000 tons, output value of 200 million

From 2014 to 2016, I won the title of famous brand product of huzhou, famous trademark of huzhou, famous name of zhejiang province, famous trademark of zhejiang province, and huzhou technology r&d center. I participated in the formulation of a national standard, and new product research and development and technology innovation have reached a new level

On January 12, 2016, new third board was officially listed in Beijing and renamed as zhejiang jianhong chain transmission material co., LTD

In November 2016, it was rated “ National high-tech enterprises ”

In January 2017, deqing jianhong transmission material co., ltd. was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

The spirit of enterprise

Our mission: to create excellent products and serve the whole world

Corporate vision: to build a world-class chain material r&d and production base

Corporate values: cultural cohesion, pioneering and enterprising, pursuit of excellence, win-win cooperation


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