Enterprise development strategy

Deqing jianhong transmission material co., LTD., founded in 2002, is a large professional chain material production and processing leading enterprise. Our company is located in the industrial town of deqing county, zhejiang province, near jiaxing in the east, huzhou in the north, hangzhou in the south, and in the center of three cities, with 09 provincial road, 104 state road, hangzhou expressway, shenjia-lake hangzhou expressway, and can load 800 tons of cargo ship navigation of the grand canal, land and water transport convenience.

Company land area of 45000 square meters, plant area of 29000 square meters, office building area of 2300 ㎡, dormitory building area of 1000 ㎡, existing staff 180 people, an annual output of 35000 tons of various materials, specifications of the chain material, chain parts processing 3000 tons, annual output value 160 million yuan of above.

Our main products are chain materials (04c-24a), such as small pipe material, pin shaft material, and various chain parts. Product market share in the domestic chain industry is about 50%, and in 2008 successfully developed domestic aviation chain materials to fill the domestic gap. Our customers include many famous enterprises in China, such as hangzhou donghua chain group, Reynolds (hangzhou) co., LTD., taicang GUI meng chain, shenzhen chao hui chain, hangzhou yongli lily, hangzhou shunfeng, Qingdao zheng and industry.

The spirit of enterprise

The company has complete equipment and advanced technology, and now has two sets of national union circular wire drawing machine, one set of horizontal wire drawing machine and 8 sets of other special specifications of wire drawing machine, 14 sets of flat wire five-way mill, more than 30 sets of long and short material flat wire drawing machine, 15 sets of domestic advanced vacuum bright annealing furnace, and special equipment for production and processing of various chain parts.

The company adheres to the principle of people-oriented, always puts quality and brand first, constantly increases the input of technical reform, constantly expands the enterprise scale, and constantly optimizes the management system. The company always pursues the tenet of first-class quality, first-class prestige, equality and mutual benefit, common development, and sincerely provides high-quality products and services for domestic and foreign chain industries.


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